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What is Sciatica
Sciatica Pain Relief Medication

What could be the best way to cure illnesses or to ease the pain that you are experiencing sometimes? Just like any other illnesses, sciatica is curable by taking popular over-the-counter painkillers. However, it is really advisable that you seek first a prescription from your doctor before going to a drug store clueless of what medicine you should use.

Medically speaking, there are two types of sciatica: acute sciatica and persistent sciatica. Acute sciatica lasts up to six weeks and will pass without the need of going under some major surgery. With the other type, that is not the case.
Sciatica is the pain that is felt in the lower extremity of the leg due to the irritation of the sciatic nerve. This irritation usually brings about an inflammation of the sciatic nerve. In most cases, exercise can help ease the pain that you are feeling.

However, if the pain is severe and you cannot contain it anymore, better ask prescription from your doctor.

What over counter drugs for sciatica can you take
There are over counter drugs that are usually effective in relieving pain. Painkillers known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen
are thought to work best for sciatica.  Ibuprofen is much recommended than taking up aspirin because taking aspirin has higher risks of producing side effects. Although ibuprofen is well recommended by doctors, however, it is not advisable for those who have asthma, high blood, heart disease or a history of stomach and digestive disorders.

Paracetamol is typically the one advised for those who have these medical conditions.
In the absence of Ibuprofen, your doctor can prescribe you other over counter drugs in order to relieve your pain. Other over counter drugs such as codeine, acemetacin, brufen, synflex and naproxen are also advisable to take as treatment for the pain brought about by sciatica. These over counter drugs help to reduce inflammation which, of course, lessens the pain that you feel. It works by blocking the production of certain body chemicals that causes inflammation as well as pain, swelling and increased temperature.

Doctor knows best, so don’t hesitate to visit your doctor once you felt like there’s a tingling feeling and numbness in your lower back especially if you cannot ease the pain anymore.

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